Extension of a family house


Even a small project can be difficult - especially for an architect.


The owner wants a simple construction program - a new entrance with small anteroom and a heat source, a possible parking space and bedroom with walk-in closet and bathroom. Preserving the beige coloring of the existing house.


An important prerequisite for the owner - Quick realization.


The urban space to expand the house is small - limited on the west side of the existing family house, on the east side the neighboring land border with a ground floor building, from the north a small garden, on the south side the access street.


The architect's proposal - The new entrance to the house and parking on the ground floor - access from the street on the south side. Bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and bathroom on the 1st floor. Through the wardrobe is accessible the bedroom with a bay window overlooking the quiet area of the garden and the roof-window-stimulating appearance of morning sunlight. Bedroom and bathroom form one space, which is expressed in the shape of the roof with arches.  The bathroom is oriented towards the street and at the same time serves as a soundproofing element for the bedroom.Design and materials from the extension of the family house are developed for the future. The extension building structure is built of low-energy large format wood panels with passive properties. This material forms the visible expression of the inner space, combined with mosaic tiles of bath. Pleasant atmosphere is supported by underfloor heating. The outer facade surface material - Fundermax plates are resistant to external weather conditions. Among them are visually hidden the water channels for the rain and melting of snow. This solution supports the design concept of the extension of the family house and is in harmony with the simplicity of the existing house.


In the second stage, the house owner was recommended to change the existing house to the low energy quality.